Main Points Of Real Estate Investing

Main Points Of Real Estate Investing

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During my 20 years working under a Corporate veil I was always wondering in ways to multiply my saving year after year, and in most of the cases the options were almost nil. This was attributed to the fact that I was completely fearful to trust anyone out of my circle of comfort. That’s when my tenure at Corporate ended abruptly I decided to dedicate great part of 2 years just on learning all the intrinsic values of investing, basically related to Real Estate. I specifically choose this field since is the one that I used for over 10 years, and more or less was sustaining our way of living.


Currently I purchase home to be rehabbed and resold at a higher price, and the margins of profit are enough to allow Gap Funding from Private Lenders in the picture. Now the main question is how does it works, and basically this is how:

  1. We purchase a home using the funds from Hard Money lenders, which will provide 80/20 out of the whole project, including 100% of the rehabbing.
  2. Once the property is purchased we offer the 20% that we funded to another Private Lender at a very enticing interest rate for the duration of the project. Normally is around the double digits, which is better than keeping the money stashed in a 401K.
  3. The interest is always paid monthly, and the money is returned once the property is sold again.
  4. The investment is protected in the same manner as Banks and Hard Money Lenders protect their interest. We provide the Investor with the 3 main documents that are provided: Guarantee, Promissory Note, and a Mortgage. All three are signed and notarized and registered with the county.

This is how Private Investors start to make their way through the world of Passive Income. In the same manner depending on the relationship they develop with the Developer they jump start their knowledge on the Real Estate game of investing, and if played right your winnings can become gratifying.

If you have any interest in the matter please do not hesitate on calling us for further information and what options we still have available.

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