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RPG Home Solutions LLC is a professional, full-service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout South Florida, We specialize in buying distressed homes, renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords. RPG Home Solutions is excited to be part of the area’s renaissance, and we aspire to continue contributing to the economic rejuvenation of South Florida.

Our Mision

When passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals who have an uncompromising drive to succeed, amazing things will happen. 
It's our goal to not only have a positive effect on ourselves and but also to inspire, motivate, and create a lasting change in everyone we encounter. We treat our clients and team members with respect at all times. One of our motto's is "How you do anything is how you do everything." Our company will dedicate itself to everlasting education and professional growth that will make the leaders of tomorrow.


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Selling your Home

Need to sell fast & for cash? Facing foreclosure? Selling your home can be a big undertaking. You may feel overwhelmed with the whole process, uncertain about what direction to go, or unsure about the next steps. You also may feel none of those and that's ok! Whatever the situation, we're here to assure you that we're here to help, and will make the process super simple for you with a few easy steps.

Homes For Sale

Our available projects provide an option for those that are looking for a fully equipped house that's ready for a quick and painless move-in. Contact us for additional information about our listings.

Real Estate Investors

Private money investors are given a first or second mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment. When we have isolated a home that is well under market value, we give our private lenders an opportunity to fund the purchase and rehab of the home. Through that process, the lender can yield extremely high-interest rates – 4 or 5 times the rates you can get on bank CD’s and other traditional investment plans.


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